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First Arduino tests

After turning on a few LEDs, making them glow at different brightness, it was time for something a little different. I hooked up a Nintendo Wii nunchuck controller I can now turn on LEDs with the push buttons, use the joystick or hand movements to alter the brightness of another pair or LEDs depending on which axis the controller or joystick is moved.
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Sample code:

#include <wire .h>
#include "nunchuck_funcs.h"

int loop_cnt=0;

byte zbut,cbut;
byte ctoggle;
byte released;
byte zSate;
int ledPin = 13;
int ledCPin = 3;
int ledZPin = 4;
int xPin = 6;
int yPin = 9;
int joy_x_axis = 127;
int joy_y_axis = 123;
int accel_x_axis;
int accel_y_axis;

void setup()
  pinMode(ledCPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(ledZPin, OUTPUT);

  analogWrite(xPin, joy_x_axis );
  analogWrite(yPin, joy_y_axis );    
  digitalWrite(ledCPin, ctoggle);
  digitalWrite(ledZPin, LOW );

  nunchuck_init(); // send the initilization handshake


void loop()

  if( loop_cnt > 100 ) { // every 100 msecs get new data
    loop_cnt = 0;


    zbut = nunchuck_zbutton();
    cbut = nunchuck_cbutton(); 

    if( cbut ) {
      if( released ) { 
          ctoggle = !ctoggle;
          digitalWrite(ledCPin, ctoggle);
          released = false;
    } else {
      released = true;

    // if z button pressed then movement is by accelerometers
    // if z button is released then joystick used
    if( zbut ) {
      digitalWrite(ledZPin, HIGH);
      accel_x_axis  = nunchuck_accelx(); // ranges from approx 70 - 182
      accel_y_axis  = nunchuck_accely(); // ranges from approx 65 - 173
      analogWrite(xPin, constrain((accel_x_axis - 70) * 2.2, 0, 255) );
      analogWrite(yPin, constrain((accel_y_axis-65)*2.2,0,255));    
    } else {
      digitalWrite(ledZPin, LOW);
      joy_x_axis = constrain((nunchuck_buf[0] - 32) * 1.3,0,255);
      joy_y_axis = constrain((nunchuck_buf[1] - 32) * 1.3,0,255);
      analogWrite(xPin, joy_x_axis);
      analogWrite(yPin, joy_y_axis);


As you can see, fairly simple to write code for these devices using C/C++ structures and syntax.

Pictures to follow.

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