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Day out – Thorpe Park

we went for a day out to Thorpe Park this weekend. As with all these attractions, they can be quite expensive to get in, however with buy-one-get-one-free tickets it saved a little bit, but not much over the regular family ticket price.

We arrived just before the park opened so that we could get on couple of big rides before the queues built up. The one I wanted to ride was Colossus but due to he weather it started late and was running only one set of cars. As a result the queues built up rapidly so there would have been over 2 hours to queue for it.

First up we went onto X:No way out without knowing what it was. This turned out to be a backwards rollercoaster, in the dark! Quite fun and a gentle start to the day. Next was Nemesis Inferno, the big fast suspended coaster with loops and rotations. Fast and cool!
The Slammer, a rotating bug splatter type ride that makes you think you are going to slam into the ground while experiencing moments of weightlessness. I took my eldest on the Detonator, a 100ft freefall drop that is not to be attempted just after you’ve eaten.

Up to this point we’d not had to queue for too long, which was OK. Wifey went on the Tidal Wave ride and came off soaked. After a soaking on the smaller log ride I gave this one a miss!
After queuing for an hour I finally got to ride Stealth, billed as the fastest coaster in Europe, catapulting you to 80mph in 2.3s before climbing vertically 205ft into the air, then over the top and vertically down the other side before being slowed to a halt. It was over in about 15s, so may have been the fastest, tallest and probably the quickest ride all in one!!

As with all these types of parks, they need to keep updating and adding new rides to give that extra thrill factor over their rivals and to keep the visitors coming back.

Best time to get there is before it opens and have an idea which rids you want do first before the queues build up. However, you can buy times fast track tickets, but this is extra expense at £4 a time it can make it an even more expensive day.

Overall a good day out, plenty of thrills and soakings!

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