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Project T80 – It Runs

I charged up the battery using a borrowed battery charger that was capable of being set to 6v instead of 12v. It had not been run for about 2 years so I wasn’t hopefull it would start. After a few goes on the kickstart it gave a few splutters and looked like it might fire. Eventually it did start and run.

Taking it for a quick spin round the garages it became apparent that the brakes are in need of attention and the gear selector has a tendancy to bend so would need strengthening.

After stopping it I then had more trouble trying to re-start it but eventually it ran again. Then some hours later I tried to start it again, first time on the kickstart and it fired up and ran. Trying to start it again today, it started second time on the kickstart.

This week I aquired a copy of the service manual so this should help.

Now I know it runs, I can start work on restoring it.

The first part has been done, remove the plastic fairing and the piece at the front holding the Yamaha badge. The centre piece with the badge removed was cleaned up as it was heavily overed in black or blue spray paint. The rest of the plastic fairing is to have the same treatment but is expected to be a much larger job. Plus the huge break in it needs to be repaired.

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