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Web controlled RGB LED – Updated

As a small test, I’ve taken a colour picker, updated it to make requests to a php script, that then makes a request to the ethernet connected Arduino. The Arduino then sets the colour of the RGB LED. It might sound long winded, but due to the limited memory on the Arduino I cant run it as a full fledged webserver!

The simple example presented here shows you how, with a bit of html, javascript and php that by clicking on a colour can effect a change on the Arduino. The RGB LED is from Maplin, code N63AX.

From web based colour picker. This was found on the web here and modified slightly to add in the XMLHttpRequest call. The colour wheel can be resized and dragged arond the page. Selecting different colours changes the colour of the RGB LED. Due to the fact that the RGB Led is not calibrated in anyway and it is only the RGB values that are being used, the colours displayed are approximate.


To RGB LED, with ping pong ball diffuser: (The breadboard also includes a 20×4 LCD and Ninendo Wii nunchuck controller adapter)


Via webserver and Arduino + Ethernet shield:


The ethernet shield used it from NuElectronics and uses the Microchip ENC28J60 ethernet adapter.


The code at present is pretty crude, basically a collection of code pulled from various samples and cobbled together.

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2 comments to Web controlled RGB LED – Updated

  • jlebutte

    Hi Andy,

    I’m trying to do the same project with my arduino.
    Could you send me your code by mail please if you still have it?



  • Hi Julien,

    I’m looking at an updated version of the code to work with latest library and re-do the sample colour picker. Seems I’ve lost the colour picker but its easy to reproduce.

    Will upload when they are done.