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HT1623 based LED Matrix Displays and Arduino

Recently I’ve been playing around with a pair of 8 x 32 LED matrix displays and come up with the beginnings of a library to drive this display. Basically it extends the Print class to provide easy output to the display. Upto 4 of the displays can be cascaded together to produce a single 8 x 128 LED matrix display that is about 60cm in length!

The displays can be cascaded in different configurations but these have not yet been investigated yet. This would be a future development for the library. At present I only have two of these displays so am limited to the configurations possible.

The code is based on code from a number of contributors to the Arduino forum. The sample application is based on some previous software that enabled an Arduino and LCD display to emulate the instruction set for Matrix Orbital LCD displays. These have a serial interface and can be driven from a Windows PC using LCDSmartie. I’ve nto yet been able to get LCDProc working as all the configs look for a two line display These applications deal with all the scrolling and character positioning. The Arduino only then has to perform basic character drawing and positioning.


The library has been updated to include a couple of changes from John Crouchley with regard to the port pin setup. I have also included the ability to alter the brightness of the LEDs. This does work from LCDSmartie too.


Demo Video

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