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Routine Maintenance

The time was right for some routine maintenance on the old tin box. After a good cleanof the carpets inside and the dash, the outside was given a good jetwash and polish. All the black trim was treated to rub with Back To Black spray turning it from the dirty gray to sparkling black in no time at all.

The brake fluid needed changing and this was done using a pressure bleeder. It was good to not have any brake bleed screws break. Makes a difference working on a modern car as opposed to anold one where all the road crud and rust has got into the bleed screws and weakened them.

Next job on the list was to change the coolant. Getting at the lower radiator hose clip is a pig, needed to jack up the car so that I could get underneath to unscrew the hose clip. I was going to change the thermostat as a matter of course while I was doing this job until I saw the price of one! £24.99 in local Halfords store. It did include the thermostat cover. I think I’ll wait until I actually need one now.

After a test drive, all seems fine. Brakes are good. Temperature seems slightly lower than what it used to be, even in this recent hot weather. Just need to check when the oil was last done now. Then it should be good for the summer holidays now.

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