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New devices: Jeenodes

I have now built a trio of Jeenodes from Jee Labs based in the Netherlands. These are simply cut down versions of the Arduino with a built in RFM12B wireless module operating in the 868MHz band. They are designed to operate at 3.3V so are able to run on a set of batteries, which is ideal for remote monitoring applications.

The USB to serial interface has been removed so any programming needs to be done via the end connector and a FTDI USB interface. This can either be a dedicated cable or a regular Arduino with the 168/328 chip carefully removed. Its then a case of wiring the connections to Reset, +5V, Ground, TXD and RXD. Remembering that RXD on the Arduino actually needs to go to TXD on the Jeenode and vice-versa. For this I just plugged the Jeenode into a solderless breadboard and used jumper wire to connect to the Arduino.

With the Jeenodes being compatible with the Arduino IDE it can then be used to develop applications.

The first applications are to be a simple temperature/humidity monitor to replace an ethernet connected arduino that is currently living behind the sofa and sending updates to Pachube/Twitter. What is still required is a base station that will receive the transmitted signals in order for them to be captured and logged.

More later

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2 comments to New devices: Jeenodes

  • kb8iii

    andy, i am a newbie, and now i am learning arduino,but there is too much trouble,so i need your can i contact you ,can you leave a email to me,thanx,or you can write to me at

  • Administrator


    for learning all things arduino, the best place is Follow links to the Playground for useful information on using other hardware and pointers to tutorials. Then if you get stuck checkout the forums, there is a lot of information there that should help you.