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Project T80 Update 3

The front end is now back together with a new front brake cable. The chrome headlamp clamp was cleaned upand re-fitted. There is however a problem in that the headlight doesn’t work, I’ve not looked at where the problem lies, could be the switch, wiring or headlamp unit itself. The indicators work and look good now they’ve been cleaned up. Once I get the the rest of the work completed I can go back to check the electrics in more detail.

The seat and petrol tank were removed. There was some surface rust in corners around the panels under the seat, mainly in the cornders. These were cleaned up and the whole inside area was given a good painting in Hammerite to protect it. Also the battery tray and the top of petrol tank was re-painted. The fuel filter was removed and cleaned up. The carb and fuel tap were removed and cleaned up. I’ve nto dismantled the carb as I’ve nto got a repair kit to do the job properly, the bike ran before so I see no reason to fix what aint broke!

The seat cover was removed in preparation for getting a replacement as the existing one was knackered!

I’ll try to get some pictures to show how its going.

I’m slowly moving towards the rear end, which means the rear wheel, swingarm and drive shaft.

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