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Wathcing DVDs on a PSP

There is a lot of info on this subject out there already and there are commercial packages to try. Since I don’t lke to spend money unless I have to, this is a quick description of how I convert the DVDs I own so I can watch them on the train into work.


  • DVDDecrypter is the software to rip the DVD. The link re-directs to Google for some reason, probably because you’ll need to search for the software due to its dubious legal status. I have no problem with it as I use it on DVDs I own and this is considered fair use.
  • PSP Video9 is used to encode the video you want.


  1. Create a temp directory for the ripped .VOB file to be written to,preferable with the name of the movie you are ripping
  2. Use DVDDecryptor to rip the video and audio stream into a single .VOB file in the temporary directory.
  3. Use PSPVideo9 to convert the .VOB file and transfer to PSP. My settings are AVC, 320×240, 256kbs video, 128kbs audio, boost audio level to max and set aspect ratio to 16:9. This works most of the time giving almost full screen video of the correct aspect ratio when played back on the PSP. The files produced will also be quite small. A 2 hour movie can become a 400Mb file that will easily fit onto a 512Mb memory stick duo.

Happy viewing.

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