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The Coolcomponents 1Kg box of fun!

I recently spotted that Coolcomponents were offering a small number of 1Kg packages of cool stuff for the bargain price of £10. With the usual VAT and postage this was just under £20 for a 1Kg box of fun cool stuff that you’ve no idea what you’re going to get. The small number of boxes sold out fairly quickly, but I was able to get one for myself. The box contents were described as old stock, returns, broken and non-functioning items including Arduino boards.

Here is a photo of the items within the box I received:

Assorted stuff

Inside the box were the following items and their condition: (Prices include VAT and are from searching on net if not currently available from Coolcomponents)

Item Condition Approx Value when new (£)
Arduino BT (Bluetooth), BT06 with ATmega328 Appears to be working after bootloader update, can upload sketches over bluetooth serial when paired with laptop 100.00
Arduino Ethernet + POE module Was able to upload sketches but board has problems. POE module and Wiznet chip appear to be very hot. 60.00
Arduino Ethernet Powers on, verify errors on burning bootloader. 40.00
Seeedstudio Seeduino v2 Power light comes on, unable to upload sketches or bootloader 20.00
Lithium Backpack for Mega (Hi-Capacity) Broken switch to flip between charge and use. Can be replaced easily. Battery seems to be able to be charged and provides 3.3V out. 40.00
Sparkfun MP3 trigger, v2 Would not read uSD cards. Found dry joint on uSD socket, resoldered. Now firmware updated and plays MP3 files 35.00
FEZ Spider 1.0 Unknown, assumed faulty ??.??
GPS Module EB-3531 & MT-662 Identified as a Globalsat EB-3531 GPS receiver module on a demo board. Found datasheet, hooked up antenna and I’m now able to get data from it. ??.??
Large Surface transducer One lead slightly damaged, not fully tested 20.00
NEMA17 Stepper motor with leads One wire broken at motor. Wire fixed but motor not yet tested. 10.00
Servo, boxed with accessories. Model Sky Holic DGS-299 Appears unused. Tested with Arduino Servo library and works fine. 10.00
2x 1m RGB LED Strips with 32 RGB LEDs each strip Appears to have been bent too sharp as it is cracked in places. Total of 64 RGB LEDs and Driver chips. Tested both strips on an Arduino with example sketch and it can light up all 64 LEDs in sequence. So even though it looks in a bad way, it actually works. See video below. 70.00

Overall a mix of boards and parts with an original selling price of over £400. The best finds appear to be the MP3 Trigger, now that it works and the Arduino BT, closely followed by the lithium backpack. Result!!

I’ll try to update this if and when parts get fixed or re-used somehow.

More images of the box contents:

RGB LED strips video

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2 comments to The Coolcomponents 1Kg box of fun!

  • HardwareDoc

    Hey quite a nice box you got there ^^ I know its slightly off topic but do you have plans on updateing your Nokia3310LCD Lib? I tried to use it a bit ago and now again but it didn’t work cause the version issues ^^

    I hope you can update it

  • I’m sure it still works. Used it recently. Can check.