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Bitbucket or GitHub?

I’ve been using GitHub for a couple of years now for distributing code, but for about the past 6 months I’ve started using Bitbucket, initially in a collaboration for Both services offer similar features but at present neither ticks all the right boxes. Below is my comparison of the two.

Both services offer the basic features you’d want:

  • Public repositories
  • Use standard Git client tools integrated with favourite dev tools
  • Issue tracking
  • Wiki
  • Revision history
  • Forking


GitHub Bitbucket
GitHub screenshot

GitHub screenshot

Bitbucket screenshot

Bitbucket screenshot

$7/m for private repositories, couldn’t determine how many though. Unlimited free private repositories
No teams, but any number of collaborators on a repository Free plan can include team of 5 members
Community backed, but uses a .com domain! Corporate backed but uses a .org domain!
GitHub pages for documentation as well as wiki Wiki only
Mobile App Not Yet? Although mobile Git clients could be used
Doesn’t appear to be an import option Can import repositories from GitHub, but just latest version, no history retrieved.
New features added on regular basis New features arrive less frequently
Supports Git Supports Git and Mercurial
  Can use own domain e.g.


At present I’m tending towards Bitbucket mainly because of the free private repositories that will enable code to be kept private if it is work for a customer or before it is released to a wider audience. As a result I’ve started to move a number of my repositories from GitHub to Bitbucket. I’m also re-pointing the Git origin for my local repositories so that they can push to Bitbucket instead of GitHub.

The opinions and views expressed here are my own.

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