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Using the Scrolling message display

Following on from a previous post describing the scrolling message display, I’m adding a few notes on how to use it with a service called If this then that (

The idea behind IFTTT is tthat when an event occurs on one application or site it can trigger another application or event. There are a number of channels including Google Calendar, date and time, weather, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, RSS amongst others and interestingly SMS.

It is the ability to send SMS when a certain event occurs that can create messages for the scrolling message display. For example I have created recipes for:

  • Send SMS when I checkin with Foursquare, showing my location and date/time
  • Send SMS when an event in my Google Calendar is to start
  • Send SMS with daily summary of weather, days high/low etc
  • Send SMS if tomorrow is to be cold or rainy
  • Send SMS when new mail recieved in GMail inbox

Other ideas could be to send a message when trains are delayed by using the RSS feed, to send a message when someone tags you in a photo on Facebook.

Its use is only limited by your imagination and and the technical tools you have for sending SMS messages.

UPDATE: At present the IFTTT SMS channel is not working with UK networks therefore I am unable to receive updates. No estimate for a fix has been provided by IFTTT.

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