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Programming Ciseco SRF LLAP Firmware

I’ve been using a number of Ciseco SRF Radio modules recently, including designing my own PCBs to produce temperature sensors and button sensors. The firmware used is for the XRF range of devices, but as they use the same chip, the firmware will mostly work. There are one or two exceptions, plus the fact the XRF firmware is not supported by Ciseco when programmed onto the SRF modules. Firmware is available from Github repository.

The SRF is hooked up to my SRF programming jig. This is basically a number of spring loaded pins that provide power and the serial rx/tx signals for the SRF module.
2013-09-10 20.32.49

A FTDI cable was used to connect to my programming jig. The Ciseco XCM software is available from, the Ciseco support site. The SRF are shipped with serial pass through firmware loaded, running at 9600 baud. Using the Download config option you can verify that the SRF is responding to commands.
2013-09-10 20.44.23

Once you are happy that the XCM software is communicating with the SRF, you can re-program the firmware. Select the Upload Firmware tab, select the image to use then press the 3 buttons in turn to Program, Verify and Commit the new firmware. Once the firmware has been committed, the SRF will restart. When the SRF starts, it will send a a–STARTED– message 5 times.

2013-09-10 20.47.24

Using the Download config option again should confirm the firmware has been uploaded.

Once the firmware has been uploaded, the SRF can be soldered onto your board.

TODO: On board re-programming.

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