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PS2 Online Gaming

I had my old PS2 set up for on-line gaming and it worked quite well. Since I traded my PS2 in for my PSP I’ve not played any, so thinking of trying it again with the two remaining PS2s in the house. Setting up the first one downstairs was straightforward, Its plugged into an ethernet port on the wireless router and config is all DHCP. This is fine for downstairs. For upstairs we only have a single wireless PC, so the idea was to use the Internet Connection Sharing feature built into windows. This was a pain to set up.

Problems to overcome:

  • Windows ICS insists on using address as the IP address of the sharing interface. This wouldn’t have been a problem except my wireless router had this address. So a quick re-number of the wireless part of the network removed the conflict.
  • Zonealarm, running on the ICS PC didn’t like all the IP address and ports being connected to by the PS2, so these had to be allowed for it to work.
  • The icon for the wireless connection seems to now think the wireless is disconnected, when in fact its not. Sometihng to live with I guess with the cheap Belkin wireless card in the PC.

Once the Internet Connection Sharing was working I then had to create a new registered PS2 gaming handle.

I took the second PS2 downstairs and set this up, ran the game Hardware: Online Arena as we have 2 copies, one an original and the second comes on the PS2 network access disc. In order to provide a private gaming environment, I set up a new game with a password so that only our two PS2 connect to the game.

Once it was all going, it was quite successful. Two PS2 connected to an on-line game playing against each other, using the same broadband connection but connected using 2 different methods. We had about 90 minutes of play with the kids either battling each other or battling me.

A slightly easier configuration would be to have a wireless gaming adaptor, which is basically an ethernet to wireless bridge. They are however quite expensive. These would reduce the need for the ICS PC to be running and would enable the kids to battle each other from their rooms if they wish. What we could also do with is another headset to save us shouting up and down the stairs throughout the games!

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