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Libraries on Github

After the EtherShield library moving to Github, I have now moved 2 more libraries here. These are the Nokia 3110 LCD display and the H1632 LED Matrix library. Full list of repositories are here:


Code moving to github

The code I have produced so far for a number of Arduino libraries was in need of a better way of storing, distributing and managing it all. I’ve now started using Github to do just this.

The first library committed is the ENC28J60 EtherShield library and is available from

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Updated Arduino ENC28J60 Ethernet library available

Finally after slow progress I’m releasing an update to my ENC28J60 Ethernet library. This is version 1.6. There is still work that can be done on it but for now I’m sending it off into the wild to let others have a play.

Changes made are:

Updated library filenames so that it should compile correctly […]

Tweeting without using OAuth

Since removed the basic authentication it has been more difficult for small embedded devices such as Arduino to post tweets. However there is a solution in the form of

To use this you’ll have to register with the site then allow it to access your twitter account. Once you have your supertweet setup, […]

New EtherShield Library status update

I’ve been working on an updated EtherShield library for a number of weeks now, progress has been slow due to so many other things going on. Here is a taster of what is to come:

Updated library filenames so that it works with both Linux and Windows versions of the Arduino IDE Converted 8 bit […]

TFT LCD Touchscreen shield for Arduino – Review

I have recently bought one of the new TFT LCD touchscreen shields from Nuelectronics and this is my experience when using it with the library provided. There are two versions of the shield with the only difference I can see is that one has a 2.4″ display and the other has a 2.8″ display. Both […]

New devices: Jeenodes

I have now built a trio of Jeenodes from Jee Labs based in the Netherlands. These are simply cut down versions of the Arduino with a built in RFM12B wireless module operating in the 868MHz band. They are designed to operate at 3.3V so are able to run on a set of batteries, which is […]

Arduino and EtherShield – Sending UDP broadcast messages

With the ENC28J60 EtherShield, it is possible to create packets other than the regular HTTP and web packets. The UDP packet is one of these. It is simple and connectionless making minimum overhead needed to create packets. In developing the UDP broadcasts I’ve had to expose a number of functions in my EtherShield library, these […]

Arduino sending requests to PHP script

I’ve been asked by a number of people to provide an example of using the EtherShield library to pass data to a PHP script, to for example store sensor data in a database.

The example here is based on existing code that reads the SHT1x temperature and humidity sensor. The results are passed as […]

Arduino and remote control of Home Easy devices

I had bought a number of devices from the Home Easy On/Off Range, including 6 HE302S sockets and two HE300 remote controls. It was my intention to be able to remotely control these from an Arduino. The devices use the 433MHz AM radio band to communicate with the sockets being receivers and the remote being […]