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HT1623 based LED Matrix Displays and Arduino

Recently I’ve been playing around with a pair of 8 x 32 LED matrix displays and come up with the beginnings of a library to drive this display. Basically it extends the Print class to provide easy output to the display. Upto 4 of the displays can be cascaded together to produce a single 8 […]

Nokia 3310 LCD Library with basic graphics functions

After buying one of the Nokia 3310 LCD with joystick shields from I wanted the library to do more in the way of graphical functions. After re-writing the library, cleaning it up and renaming all the functions I now have a library that can do what I want it to do.

The library includes […]

Basic Environment Monitoring using Arduino and Pachube

When looking at a number of temperature sensors to monitor the conditions inside and outside of my home office I was looking for a simple method of producing trend graphs. I was originally thinking RRD and PHP scrips on my own webhost but the PHP didn’t have the right libraries included. I then came across […]

Arduino Internet Clock

After updating the ethernet library for the ENC28J60 ethernet shield, I wanted a larger project to tackle. I had previously got a simple version of the internet clock working, based on the clock form, described here. I have however updated it to have selectable character sizes using the bignum code described in this arduino […]

New Arduino ENC28J60 Ethershield library

After combining the original ENC28J60 Ethernet shield library from the Ethernet shield with the TCP/IP stack. The end result is a library that is much easier to use. The examples provided show:

Simple webserver that can be used to control or read values Simple Twitter client that can post messages on receipt of […]

Arduino Proto Shield Upgrade

I’ve not been playing around with a couple of Arduino boards for a few months now along with an ethernet shield and a couple of proto shields from Nuelectronics). The problem I have is that when using the ethernet shield with a proto shield above it, the RJ45 connector is too high to allow the […]

Wii Nunchuck controlled robot

A few years ago there was a regular magazine that built a robot up over a number of weeks/months. It actually built 2. The first being called Cybot, the second was called Tom. However we only got part way through Tom so were left with a part functioning robot. However, the chassis included 2 motors, […]

Arduino Proto Breadboard

A while ago I bought an Arduino proto-shield in kit form from, but the problem is that it requires soldering to fix it all together but does allow you to do small temporary circuits. However fitting a small breadboard to the proto-shield makes it more useful. Small breadboards are available but the one I […]

Web controlled RGB LED – Updated

As a small test, I’ve taken a colour picker, updated it to make requests to a php script, that then makes a request to the ethernet connected Arduino. The Arduino then sets the colour of the RGB LED. It might sound long winded, but due to the limited memory on the Arduino I cant run […]

Arduino and RGB LED

A simple test using a RGB LED to show different colours. It used a ping pong ball as a diffuser.